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🔎 Onboarding & Messaging Teardown:

Last week, I published a deep-dive of the onboarding and messaging strategy of an app I've really enjoyed using lately: Future. Future is a fitness app of the future — think async personal training at a fraction of the cost all directly from your phone. I hypothesized what the top JTBDs were for a buyer like me, compared it against the messaging on their website, documented the "aha!" moments along the journey, and outlined experiments I'd test. The teardown was so internally successful at...

almost 2 years ago • 1 min read

It seems 2022 is the year that pretty much all conferences come back in-person and also means I'm basically speaking at all of them. What does that mean for you? Discount codes. Bookoo discount codes. On July 27th, I'll be speaking at Turing Fest in Edinburgh for the first time. I'll be walking through a case study of how we helped one of our clients 4x their MRR. Use code ASIA20 at checkout to save 20% on your tickets. It's not part of the plan to go to SaaStr Annual this year, but one of...

almost 2 years ago • 1 min read
1 U.S. dollar banknote on white surface

Another day, another round of layoffs we see on Twitter or LinkedIn. Layoffs suck a lot. Back in the day, I experienced a round of layoffs at a startup that I worked for where they laid off the entire GTM team — marketing, customer success, sales... It was... tragic.. and every time I see a new headline about a beloved SaaS company or startup that has to do it, I'm reminded of my own experiences and how it impacted my life. Some of the layoffs we're seeing are the result of maybe not-so-great...

almost 2 years ago • 2 min read
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