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💰 Discount codes to Turing Fest, SaaStock, and more!

published7 months ago
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It seems 2022 is the year that pretty much all conferences come back in-person and also means I'm basically speaking at all of them.

What does that mean for you?

Discount codes. Bookoo discount codes.

On July 27th, I'll be speaking at Turing Fest in Edinburgh for the first time. I'll be walking through a case study of how we helped one of our clients 4x their MRR.

Use code ASIA20 at checkout to save 20% on your tickets.

It's not part of the plan to go to SaaStr Annual this year, but one of the reps just sent me a dope discount code to share. Basically like 40% off the regular ticket price ($999 instead of $1600). SaaStr is in beautiful San Francisco from September 13th - 15th.

Then on September 26th, I'll make my way to the Business of Software conference in Boston. I'm not speaking this time (at least, to my knowledge) but I have spoken there in the past and it's a can't-miss conference if you're in the States.

Prices rise after July 29th, so uh.. don't miss it.

Next, we've got SaaStock on October 18th in Dublin. I'll be speaking about making your SaaS recession-proof and what to do in a market downturn. If you read my last email, you'll have an idea of what I'll be covering. 😉

Use code ASIA-ORANGIO-30 to save 30% on your tickets.

Finally, I'm speaking again at SAAS NORTH in Ottawa on Nov 16th. Talk is TBD, but I've been told they're selling Super Early Bird tickets now and will have a code for me soon for Early Bird and Regular tickets. I'll share as we get closer to the dates.

So, y'all coming? 👀

Asia ✨

PS — Hit FW to share these codes with your friends. Stay safe, healthy, and blessed!